Best yoga asanas for increasing height

Listen; if you seriously want to grow height just do best yoga asanas for increasing height. This line is for motivation but the fact is that yoga to increase height is not a bad option. It is the best option you can choose. Yoga is an ancient Indian technique with different approaches to making your body fit. Through yoga you can connect with your inner strength and al yoga exercises you do will transform your body positively and gradually. There are many yoga asanas you can practice but in this article, we will talk about the main two things:-

1- Best yoga asanas for increasing height and how to perform them

2- Different questions asked by people on yoga asanas

So, here are 5 best yoga asanas for increasing height:-


This is the best yoga pose for increasing height because it gives benefit to the whole body. From the tip of foot finger to the head its benefits equally. This asana is also considered to be topmost asana in yoga. It is helpful in hair growth, height growth, weight loss, skincare, and more. Just perform this asana and see the result in your body in a month.

Sarvangasana is one which is known as Best yoga asanas for increasing height
Sarvangasana ( man showing great pose)

How to perform Sarvangasana?

1- Lie down comfortably on your back.

2- Slowly bring your legs up making a 90-degree angle with hips.

3- Now, bring your hips and back up and place your hands behind back.

4- Try to bring chest closer to your chin and breathe normally and steadily. Stay in this position as long as you can.


Commonly known as wheel pose in English. As the name suggest that body will take wheel pose and stretched from head to toe. This yoga to increase height with pictures is good for the liver, pancreas as well as for kidney also. It is said in Hindu Ayurveda by doing regular practice of chakras, it will ignite all chakra in our body (Crown, Third eye, Throat, Heart, Solar, Sacral, Root) which maintain harmony in the body. This is one of the best yoga asanas for the increasing height you should do.

Chakrasana is Best yoga asanas for increasing height

How to perform chakrasana?

1- Just lie down on a mat with your knees bent.

2- Then place your palm side of your head and close to your shoulder, palm pointing towards your body.

3- Press your palm on the floor; now start lifting your hip slowly.

4- Now lift your back up full stretched, engage your core, legs, and hands.

5- Start in this position as long as you want and then return to the initial position.

3-Tadasana (Best yoga asanas for increasing height)

Many people ask does yoga increase height after 21 and the answer is ‘yes’. Just do Tadasana on a daily basis. This pose will bring stability and balance to your body. It is a very useful asana for children height growth. This yoga asana to increase height fast will stretch your body from head to toe.

Tadasana is simple yoga asanas for increasing height

How to perform Tadasana ?

1- Stand straight, feet join together and shoulder relaxed, arms by your side.

2- While inhaling bring the arms up and interlock the finger overhead.

3- Lift your heel up while starching your hands together up.

4- Breath and keep your heel up and stretch your hand up to the sky.

5- Remain in position as long as you want, exhale and return to the initial position.


This is one of the best yoga asanas to increase height after 21. In Sanskrit word Hala means plow and while performing this pose you are in shape of the plow. In this pose, all your muscles and ligaments in the calves and thigh are stretched so it is considered to be the best yoga asana for increasing height. This yoga asana helps to improve flexibility regulate blood circulation in the abdominal area and upper-lower back pain is also getting relief due to spin stretched. Overall Halasan is great yoga to fight against health issues.


How to perform halasana?

1- Lie down on your back with your hand straight on the ground and relax.

2- Lift both your legs up, keeping them straight.

3- Take your legs behind your head and bring your hand back down on the ground.

4- Your knees shouldn’t bend and your toes touch the ground.

5- Hold the position as long as you can and bring back to the initial position.


It is popularly known as Downward facing dog pose. This asana works on each part of your body, that’s why count as best yoga asanas dor increasing height. This can not only relieve the pain of legs but also strengthens your core and arm muscles. Adhomukhashwanasana is providing relief to your whole body and help in increasing height.

Adhomukhashwanasana soft and one of the best yoga asana for height

How to perform Adhomukhashwanasana?

1- Come onto your hands and knees. Set your knees directly below your hips and wrist directly below your shoulder.

2- Press firmly to fingers and palms. On an elevation tuck your toe under and lift your hips up.

3- Reaching the sitting bones up and back. Keep the knees slightly bent first.

4- Continue to press the hands firmly onto the floor and on acceleration straight your legs and activate your inner legs by reaching your heels toward the floor.

5- Lengthen the back and front of your body evenly. Hold as long as you can and return to the initial position.

Different question asked by people on the best yoga asanas for increasing height:
1-Can you grow taller by doing yoga?

The short answer is yes. Yoga poses you practice will open up your joints, stretches your muscles, increased blood circulation throughout the body and just practice the above-mentioned yoga poses for increasing height.

2-Do yoga help in increasing height?

Yes, yoga plays important role if you practice regularly. Yoga slowly and steadily stretches your body and increase stability.

3-Can Suryanamaskar help in increasing height?

Surya Namaskar is a complete package of different yoga poses. It has 13 steps in which all your body part will engage and feel stretched. And if body muscles stretch then it means you will be flexible and your height will increase.

4-Is yoga good for height growth?

Yes, yoga is good for height growth as well as for inner peace. Yoga teaches you to make a balance between your body and mind.

Please let us know about your views on the yoga asanas for increasing height in the comment section below.

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