Basic flexibility exercises

The whole Body flexibility exercise for beginners

Whole Body flexibility exercise or stretching are building a block of proper muscle functioning and relaxing.  Most of the people focus on cardio and strength building workouts.  And if you are building strong muscle you should focus on that but also considered the key point that daily stretching routine after exercise is important. These biceps, triceps, abs, cardio, and legs exercises are great for our body but relaxing your muscles is equally important. So here we are giving you some information about the basics ability exercises and stretching.

In this article, we will discuss:-

1- What are the benefits of whole-body flexibility exercise and stretching?

2- Different types of whole-body flexibility exercise.

3- FAQ’s on whole-body flexibility exercise

Now we will go step by step and discuss all the information.

Benefits of whole-body flexibility exercise and stretching

This child pose is count in very whole body flexibility exercise
Basic flexibility exercise

Mostly stretching and flexibility exercises are done at the end of workout and core training. By doing stretching with your muscles it gives a number of benefits which are given below:-

–  Build greater strengthen decrease the chance of injuries.

– Give relief from stress and provide relaxation

– Improves your physical performance

– Give a positive state to mind and body.

– Its help to improve posture and balance.

To achieve all the states and feel all benefits look at the exercises that need to perform.

Different exercises you should perform:-

1- Quad stretch

This is stretching exercise for leg works mainly for overall muscles of legs.  It brings tension to the muscles and increases blood circulation in that area.

How to perform this whole-body flexibility exercise:-

– Stand straight on your feet and for balance, you can hold the wall.

– Grab 1 foot and bend the knee, now bringing the foot towards the glutes.  You must feel the stretch into your legs while doing this.

– You can squeeze your glutes for a better stretch.

– Hold 30 to 40 seconds with 19 and after Switch it.

2- Hamstring Stretch

As the name suggests,  this exercises gift tension to hamstring and increases the blood circulation in the muscles. This exercise helps to improve the strength in legs. This can be one of the best stretching exercises for men.

How to perform this whole body flexibility exercise:-

– Bring your one foot forward, raise the tip and keep your back straight.

– Straight down your body, remember back remain straight, keep moving forward until you feel stretch.

– If you want then rest your arm on thighs.

–  Do this stretch 30 to 40 second for each leg.

3- Shoulder and Chest stretch

These types of flexibility exercises are great for opening cardiovascular muscles.  This Stretch is very beneficial for your body structure and balance.

How to perform this whole body flexibility exercise:-

– Stand straight and lock your hands behind your back and keep your arm straight.

– Now push your hands backwards and up to the ceiling feel a stretch on your shoulder and chest.

– Recommend to stay 30-40 second in this position and repeat.

Basic flexibility exercises
Whole body flexibility exercise

4- Upper back stretch

This simple exercise gives relief to your back muscles and increases blood circulation in that area.  Is exercises are stretching exercise for men and women both.

How to perform this whole-body flexibility exercise:-

– Bring your hand in front of you and interlock them.

–  Now press your arms away and try to touch your chin to the chest.

–  Make sure also contact as muscles and Expand up till you feel the stretch.

–  Be in this position for 30 to 40 seconds.

5- Side seated stretch

In this stretching exercise with the picture you just sit on a bench and move your hands for stretching. These basic exercises are works for your hand touch and backstretch.

How to perform this whole body flexibility exercise:-

–  Standing or sitting lock your hands above your head and palm are towards the ceiling.

–  Your hands up and then move to left.  You will start feeling stretch your left.

– Hold this position 15 to 20 seconds and do again to Other Side.

FAQ’s on whole body flexibility exercise
Whole body flexibility exercises for beginner
Simple girl doing basic flexibility exercise
1- What are some basic flexibility exercise?

There are different types of accessibility exercises which you can perform.  Roll down the stretch, downward dog stretch, chest and Shoulder stretch are some exercises for flexibility which can be easily practiced.

2- How do beginners get flexible legs?

For beginners, basic flexibility exercise is best to improve leg flexibility.  Pose like Butterfly stretch, reach to toes, Bridge stretch are good choices for beginners.

3- How can I test my flexibility at home?

Try some basic flexibility exercise and hold them for 5 to 6 minutes.  This test will reveal The Secret that you are flexible or not.  If not then start doing exercises to enhance flexibility.

4-  What is the flexibility test?

There are several types of flexibility test but the most common test is ‘sit and reach test’. This test is done to ensure if you are flexible or not.

5- Is it bad to be flexible?

No, it is not bad to be flexible.  In fact along with fit body if you are not flexible that is great. But if you are trying to hard to become a flexible person and follow unnecessary exercises then you should be careful.

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