why do women love chocolate

Have you ever wonder why do women love chocolate?

Every man ever thinks of this question why do women love chocolate? See everyone loves chocolate but especially women have more carve for chocolates. Fact is almost 99% of women love chocolates as eating chocolates feeling love is the same thing according to studies.

There are lots of chocolate women memes describe the importance of chocolates for health and love. Chocolate quotes like ‘Every chocolate girl need of vanilla boy’ a good one. Apart from love part chocolates (dark) contains antioxidants which are really helpful in cardiovascular health. Chocolate is also effective in coughing. Lots of benefits of chocolates here in this article we discuss these benefits.

When you go through the article will acknowledge two things:-

1- Different reasons why do women love chocolate.

2- FAQ’S on why women do love chocolate.

Below are different reasons why do women love chocolate:-

1- Chocolate bring True Happiness

Why do women love chocolate
Love chocolate

Yes, you heard it right!  It is the secret of happiness and if you want to change the mood of your girl just give her chocolates. Answer to the question of why do women love chocolate is that dark chocolate causes some emotional feelings as we experience when we are happy. Chocolate is rich in a component that releases in the brain which is similar to happiness chemical in the brain. The chemical named ‘tryptophan’ aids the release of neurotransmitter, serotonin.  These are the mood-changing chemicals in the brain.

2- Stress Relief

Stress Relief Effect

Chocolate has numerous health benefits and one of them is stress relief. Study shows that dark chocolate has a high concentration of cocoa and rich in flavonoids that help in reducing inflammation and stress. So when someone chocolates it targets the brain and brain release a chemical that lowers down the stress level. That’s why mostly boys gift their girlfriend and wife chocolates. I think you are now clear about why do women love chocolate, so we move on to the next secret.

3- Magnesium Deficiency (Main reason why do women love chocolate)

Chocolate cake

Besides tasty and delicious chocolate also have good nutrients which are essential for our body. Biologically women have less amount of magnesium then men chocolate can feel this deficiency. Chocolate is rich in magnesium (30 grams of chocolate contains 68 mg of magnesium).  It also contains copper, iron, and some probiotics which are good for health. The reason why women love chocolate is they want to fulfill their needs and for being healthy.

4- Boost Brain Power

why do women love chocolate
Brain Power

Isn’t it amazing? Just improving the brain function with the taste of chocolate. Study shows regular consumption of chocolate is good for the brain. Cocoa present in chocolate is a great source of neuroprotective components. Cocoa flavonols, a component present in cocoa beans, has a direct impact on improving memory and short-term injective function.  After hearing this news most women feel good as people make a joke on women who are consuming chocolates.

Love and Chocolate

why do women love chocolate
Chocolate Bar with lipstick Taste

Chocolate has been a great symbol of love for many years. Lovers give chocolates to their partner in order to make them happy and make them feel special. Chocolate increases serotonin in the brain,  a happy and Good Feeling chemical, which directly targets the sexual pleasure in a person. It also changes a bad mood to positive and found good for emotional health. Why do women love chocolates? Because it built desire of love, happiness, and feel-good factor in them.  Chocolate is one of the most popular gifts to be given on Valentine.

FAQ’S on why do women love chocolate:-

1- Why girls love to eat chocolate?

Eating chocolates and feeling love are the same things. Girls eat chocolate and feel happy after consuming it. Most girls do not know about the secret nutrients which make them happy. This is the reason why girls love to eat chocolate.

2- Why chocolate is good for females?

Chocolate besides being delicious also contains magnesium that improves mood and it also releases endorphins which reduce anxiety. A moderate amount of chocolate eating benefits women who consume it.

3- Which age group eats the most chocolate?

Basically chocolate is eaten by almost all the age groups, but adult age between 18 to 42 years is people who consume most chocolate.

4- Can chocolate affect hormones?

Yes, chocolate affects hormones but for a good.  During Menstruation cycle hormonal imbalance takes place in females. Progesterone and Estrogen level goes up and down, Chocolates help in maintaining the hormonal balance during this time. Chocolate and Women’s hormones go hand in hand.

5- Why do girls like Chocolate and ice cream so much?

The food craving in girls in premature age is common.  Girls like chocolate and ice cream in their menstruation cycle to satisfy their carving and to balance hormones.

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